The Parry Global Group (PGG) is a fully integrated Pan Asian Investment Services firm.

With a number of specialty boutique financial services operations all based out of Hong Kong complimented by a wealth of experience in Asian capital and equity markets, Parry Global Group companies together offer a complete financial platform for funds, institutions and corporate clients.

The Parry Global Group is a fully integrated Pan Asian Investment Services firm

We provide a comprehensive financial services offering including:

  • Dealing in Securities

  • Order & Commission Management

  • Private Equity & Capital Markets

  • Asset Management – Advisory & Setup

  • Internal Vehicle Management

  • Investment Services

  • Outsourced Regulatory Compliance

About us

Parry Global Group companies are fully staffed and owned by long-term Hong Kong residents with a wealth of experience across the Asian financial and investment markets. We draw strength from experience at Investment Banks, Hedge Funds and Financial Institutions across the region.

We dedicate ourselves to building long-term and lasting relationships with our clients and look to add value and a thoroughly professional service that you will come to depend on.

The Parry Group holds a number of licenses with Hong Kong’s regulatory body, the Securities & Futures Commission - Parry International Trading (Type 1: Dealing in Securities) and Parry Capital Management (Type 9: Asset Management).


The Parry Global Group approach is a unique and simple solution for your investment and financial needs. The group companies’ operations are complimentary and together offer a comprehensive & outsourced financial solution.

The Parry Group strongly believes in long-term relationships where trust, knowledge, confidence and efficiency can flourish. Dedicated and independent solutions ensure best execution and delivery of services across our product offering, within a robust legal and regulatory environment in Hong Kong.

Clients will deal directly with the principals at the Parry Global Group, who own 100% of the business, and therefore have no conflict of interest and are able to make quick decisions to better support your needs.

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General disclaimer

For Professional Investors Only – Parry Global Group (including Parry International Trading Limited or Parry Capital Management Limited) does not offer investment services to firms or investors who are not regarded as Professional Investors in Hong Kong or its equivalence elsewhere.

Parry Global Group includes Parry International Trading Limited which is licenced to provide trading services to professional investor in Hong Kong. Parry Capital Management Limited is licensed to provide asset management services. While licences have been obtained from the Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong (“SFC”) none of the information contained in this website is reviewed and approved for distribution by the SFC.

Professional Investors are expected to have appropriate trading experience and understanding of professional investments as defined under the applicable codes/guidelines/rules and regulations in Hong Kong or other jurisdictions, and a suitable risk profile to bear the risk of partial or total investment loss therefrom.