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General disclaimer

For Professional Investors Only – Parry Global Group (including Parry International Trading Limited or Parry Capital Management Limited) does not offer investment services to firms or investors who are not regarded as Professional Investors in Hong Kong or its equivalence elsewhere.

Parry Global Group includes Parry International Trading Limited which is licenced to provide trading services to professional investor in Hong Kong. Parry Capital Management Limited is licensed to provide asset management services. While licences have been obtained from the Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong (“SFC”) none of the information contained in this website is reviewed and approved for distribution by the SFC.

Professional Investors are expected to have appropriate trading experience and understanding of professional investments as defined under the applicable codes/guidelines/rules and regulations in Hong Kong or other jurisdictions, and a suitable risk profile to bear the risk of partial or total investment loss therefrom.

Gavin Parry: Panelist Gavin has more than 18 years’ experience in Australian, Japanese and South East Asian Financial markets. He has lived in Hong Kong since 2000 covering Japanese and Asian markets. Prior to founding the Parry Group, Gavin was the founding partner of Helmsman Global Trading Ltd in Hong Kong (renamed Helmsec Global Markets Ltd), he also held equity market positions with HSBC Securities and Prudential -Bache Securities. Gavin is licensed with the SFC as a Responsible Officer and holds a Commerce Degree from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

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